Interview with Jim Paterson, CEO of ValOre Metals (TSX-V:VO)

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Great to catch up with Paterson following a well written explanatory press release "released in our honor"... Pedra Blanca is a district-scale project which the company is trying figure out. Cash constrained at the moment. Understanding how PGE markets work is important especially when planning how to do financial planning. PGE development and build requires a lot of capital. ValOre is going to need to bring in a strategic partner with a large balance sheet in 2021. So they need to demonstrate what they have under the ground. Paterson is clear about how they are going to do this. He has also been lending the company money and is also a 19.9% owner of the company. He is committed. He is aligned with shareholders.

ValOre Metals is a Canadian explorer with a PGE + gold asset in Brazil, Pedra Branca, and projects in Canada. The company is focussed on exploration, discovery and project advancement in minerals and mining. ValOre is part of Discovery Group. The group has allowed ValOre to cooperate and benefit from some excellent minds and strong companies. There is leverage here is the drill results keep going their way.

We Discuss:

1:51 - Company Overview

3:06 - Plans for the Uranium & Gold Assets

3:33 - PGE or Platinum Group Elements, What are They?

5:06 - Business Plan & Approach to Growth: Scale, Timing, & Expenses

11:27 - Understanding 19.9% Shareholding + 10% Loan + 2% Standby Pay

13:50 - Press Release: The Numbers & How to Interpret Them

18:12 - Assays & Reasons for Slow Result Reporting

20:43 - Decision-Making: Known Resource Expansion VS Target Drilling

29:44 - Facilitating Excitement & Growth: Time, Money, & Effort Needed

34:51 - Expectations of Success: What News are We Waiting for?

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