Interview with Paul West-Sells, President & CEO of Western Copper & Gold Corp. (NYSE, TSX: WRN)

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West-Sells describes a junior company with big company problems. Are they a copper play or a gold play, and after 12-years what is the plan to take the company forward?

We Discuss:

  • Company Overview
  • Monetizing the Casino Project, but How?
  • Wait a Little Longer: Market Frustration & New Investors
  • A Phased Approach and What it Entails
  • $2Bn Needed: Not That Much to Be Afraid of?
  • Board and Team Experience: Tasks & Problem Solving
  • Financials: Cash Position & Burn Rate
  • Views on the Gold & Copper Markets
  • One Plan, No Plan, Three Plans? What's the Plan?

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