Interview with John Reade, Chief Market Strategist of World Gold Council. 

The World Gold Council is an unbiased, objective, global authority on gold. Formed by 26 gold mining companies 34-years ago, it introduces investors to the benefits of investing in gold, including physical gold.

Gold is an especially useful investment commodity for 4 reasons:

  1. It is a source of portfolio performance,
  2. It is liquid,
  3. It is a source of returns and;
  4. It is a means of diversification like no other.

We discuss the different ways to invest in gold, the outlook for the gold market and the primary drivers and mechanisms behind the most popular trading commodity behind oil.

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Interview highlights:

  • Introduction to John Reade and The World Gold Council
  • Why Should You Own Gold? A Look at the Bigger Picture
  • Long-Term Investments for Greatest Gain: Is That for Everyone?
  • How Much Gold Should You Own and What it Depends On?
  • Perception of Gold: Now vs 2-3yrs Ago
  • Types of Gold You Can Own: Accessing the Market
  • Investing in Equities and Royalties: Pros & Cons
  • The Unbiased Nature of the World Gold Council: Who's Remunerating Them?
  • India and China as Gold Consumers: Effects of COVID-19 On Buying Behaviours
  • How Do We Value Gold and What is its Function?

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