Over at motherlodetv.net there is an article about Precipitate Gold's new property which surrounds Barrick's  huge Pueblo Viejo gold mine.

"If the magnetic high on Precipitate’s land is caused by the same sort of structure which underlies the magnetic high at the Pueblo Viejo mine, then a few, relatively shallow drill holes will confirm or refute the geos’ hypothesis. Basically, the company needs to drill through the “cap” and see if nature has repeated herself.

From an investor’s perspective, Precipitate offers the prospect of near-term, significant, drill results. The Pueblo Grande property has excellent infrastructure, nearby power, a highway and a mining friendly jurisdiction. Sooner rather than later the drill is going to determine if the Precipitate geos’ hypothesis is right. Precipitate is trading at $0.075 at time of writing. Right now, it is under the radar. That might change, a lot, when the drill results come back from Pueblo Grande."

Go read the whole thing. Under the radar at $0.075 at the moment. Quinton Hennigh and Adrian Flemming, founder Underworld Resources, on the board. Worth a look.  http://motherlodetv.net/index.php/2018/11/07/precipitate-gold-gold-in-the-dominican-republic/

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