Interview with Trey Wasser, President and CEO of Ely Gold Royalties (TSX-V: ELY)

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Wasser explains how they have been advancing their royalty portfolio and property generation programme. The market has been paying attention and they have grown from $0.56 and is now at $1.32. Pretty much more of the same in a positive gold environment which has allowed them to increase the size of deals that they are doing. Eric Sprott has invested and is the only royalty company that Sprott is invested in says Wasser.

We Discuss: 

  • Company Overview
  • Then VS Now; History & Progression of Ely Gold
  • Share Price Volatility Reasons & Potential Listing on NYSE
  • Aggressive or Careful: Changes of Approach
  • Q&A: Trey's Beef with Rick Rule?
  • Fundamental Criteria for Projects
  • Expectations for the Gold Market
  • Strategies for Growth & Strengthening the Portfolio
  • Resources & Facilities Available; E. Sprott Helping Out?
  • Where Does Ely Gold Go From Here? 

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