Interview with Warren Rehn, President & CEO of Golden Minerals Co. (TSX/NYSE: AUMN)

Golden Minerals Company is a Colorado-based precious metals producer with a pipeline of exploration projects in Mexico, Argentina and Nevada. With the commencement of gold and silver production at our Rodeo project (Durango State, Mexico) in January 2021, the company has successfully transitioned from exploration firm to gold-silver producer. Additionally, we intend to restart production at our silver-gold Velardeña Properties, potentially in 2021-2022, where the use of bio-oxidation processing of sulfide concentrates is expected to result in a dramatic increase in overall gold recovery that will give rise to longer term profitable operations.

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We Discuss:

1:07 - Progress Overview: Production Right On Schedule

3:09 - Run Down of the Rodeo Project

5:52 - Allocating $10M & Cash Flow from Rodeo

8:03 - Next Goal: Velardena. What Have They Got There?

9:29 - BIOX Process: Testing & Schedule for Results

12:00 - El Quevar, Sand Canyon, & Others: Plans & Cost Mitigation

14:49 - The Future for Golden Minerals: What's Next? 

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