Would you like to organize your subscriptions into meaningful categories rather than dropping them all into Uncategorized?

Watchlists are a functionality offered by CEO.ca to organize your subscriptions to $tickers, #ideas/#topics/#channels and @users.  $tickers can be organized into stocks you hold in your portfolio and stocks you are looking to buy, as well as by industry, sector, country, or product.  One could also classify as growth stocks, dividend stocks, short hold, long hold, etc. or any other category you wish.  This allows one to quickly scan and compare groups of stocks either in the right hand sidebar or on the Watchlist page.

Any $ticker can be added to multiple watchlists so you can see how they compare to others in the same sector or custom grouping.  Sidebar notifications can be turned off/on for each category so you can manage the number of notifications depending on how closely you want to follow that category.

To get started creating a watchlist, click on the CEO.ca logo at the top of the page or the "home" button on the right side panel

Click on the Watchlist tab

Click on Edit on the right side

Click on Add a category

Enter the name of the category.  At this point you can Save and add entries to this new category later, or continue and add them now.

To add entries click on Add a channel.  A message will appear inside the box, "start typing"

You can add a $ticker, a #channel or a @username.

Type in the item you want to add or type the first few letters and select from the drop down

If you have entered one or more items you can drag and drop to put them in the order you like or click on Sort Alphabetically.

You can reorder the watchlists by mousing over the up/down arrow beside the category name.  Your mouse pointer will turn into a hand.  Click and hold the left mouse button  and can drag the category to the new location.  If you want to move it up above other existing categories, continue to hold the mouse button down while moving the mouse upwards.  When you reach close to the red banner at the top of the screen, the screen should start to scroll so you can position the the category where you want it.  The order of the categories on this screen will be the same order they appear in the right hand sidebar.

Click on the Save button in the bottom right hand corner to save all the changes.

Adding Channels to Categories by Subscribing

$Tickers, #channels and @users can all be added upon creating a category or anytime you are in a $company channel,a #topic channel or a @user's channel by clicking on Subscribe in the top right hand corner of the channel.  

You can subscribe one channel to multiple watchlists.  This can be useful when you want to add to your portfolio watchlist, and also add to the industry or sector watchlist or any other categories you have created.

Deleting a Category

To delete a category, all channels must be removed first.  To delete a channel, click on the small x in the top right corner of the channel box.

Once all channels have been deleted, the Settings button will turn into a Remove button on the right side.

After any changes made on the Watchlist page, be sure to click Save.  

Return to the CEO.ca How to Guide https://ceo.ca/@digitalman/guide-to-ceoca