New article on Russia that is going to continue buying more gold

Quote: Analysts at ING said the move implied selling $40 billion in favour of gold, yuan and euro.

Quote: After the changes, that will be finalised within a month, the fund will hold 40% of its assets in euros, 30% in yuan and 20% in gold. The Japanese yen and British pound will account for 5% each, Siluanov said.

in below link you can select countries and see how much tonnes they have bought over the years.

Important tip: use your laptop/computer as on the phone it doesn't work well!

Russia and China were acquiring lots of gold before Covid. They don't do this if they see long term value in gold. India and Japan have started to buy again. If other countries follow then together with the money printing gold will have a massive boost.

Link below. You can add nations manually.