Probably one of the most undervalued technological stocks is Spectra Products Inc (SSA) while being cashflow positive! Even during Covid lockdowns it has made profit, creating a P/E of 4 with the current stock price.

Management has over the years turned around its books and cleaned its debt while making good cashflow from mostly its main product Brake Safe. Brake Safe is a visual brake stroke indicator that permits vehicle drivers to determine the brake adjustment condition of a truck, trailer or bus equipped with an air activated brake system.

Future growth is also seen in Termin-8R which protects Electronics against corrosion in the Electric Vehicle (EV) market. Moreover, even during the lockdown the company did well even continue making profit and cleaning debt without any new shares.

Safety on the road is always needed and the company has at the moment 1 cent cash per share and a stock price of 4 cents. Any debt left is purely operational. Based on past performance the company has made the last 3 years 1 cent profit per share, even in 2020 during lockdowns, creating a P/E of 4 with current stock price. If anything the company earns easy cashflow for its shareholders. Operating Cash Flow has also been 1 cent per share even during Covid-19 Lockdowns.

Below is a picture from the Investor Presentations showing the turnaround in the financial books (2014-2020).