Short Update as I have found the data that was missing.

In my last update after speaking with David Gower the CEO it was revealed that there is a second large drilled out deposit on the Aznalcóllar Land Package, a second past producing open-pit copper mine. 

 Aside from the Copper, Zinc, Lead resource of 90 million tons that equals 2.4 Billion Pounds of CUEQ at 1.21% copper equivalent there was also Gold and Silver in the deposit but the values were unknown. 

That issue pulled on me and sent me into my rabbit hole where I tend to thrive.  Research, research, research.

Finally, I found the missing data in a 1998 report and it's a lot of Gold and Silver.


The Los Frailes means the Aznalcollar past producing Zinc-silver-lead-copper open-opit mine that has been the focus in the news. 

  • 70 Million Ton Resouce $220/ton with a 20 million tons core within that is high-grade = $362/Ton

  • Historical Total Open-pit Resource

    +530 Million pounds Copper,

    +5.4 Billion pounds of Zinc,

    +3 Billion pounds Lead

    +137 Million ozs of Silver

    Total Metal Value = +$16.54 Billion USD

    Value per open pit ton = +$232 USD


    20 million tons (2200 pounds per ton)

    +2.9 Billion pounds of Zinc

    +1.7 Billion pounds of Lead

    +127 Million pounds of Copper

    +54 Million ozs of Silver

    Total Metal Value: +$7.25 Billion USD

    Value per Ton= +$362 USD

The second unknown deposit 2km away in the Aznalcóllar past producing copper open pit mine. (SEE BELOW)

  • 90 Million ton resource comprised of 2.4 Billion Pounds of CUEQ  (Copper, Zinc,Lead at 1.21% CUEQ) and as I discovered and illustrated below  a whooping 1.38 Million ozs of Gold @ 0.48g/t 107 Million ozs of Silver @37g/t = $180/Ton                                                         or approx 3g/t AUEQ and +9 million ozs of gold equiv. (Remember its an open pit) 
  • It also has a high-grade core of 43 million tons which is worth over $240/ton = +10 Billion in Metal

90 million tons x $180 = $16.3 Billion USD in metal value at this second deposit, $4 billion USD of which in Gold and silver.

As you can see above between those 2 past producing open pit mine, the remaining resources are at mineable grades = +$31 Billion USD in metal and importantly, the high grade cores that can be UNDER-GROUND MINED = Los Frailes 20 million Tons = $7.2 Billion USD @ $362/ton, the Aznalcollar 43 Million Tons = +10 Billion USD @ $240/ton

Total UNDERGROUND MINING RESOURCE between the 2 deposits just 2 km apart and are covered under Spains new law protecting and making UnderGround Mining a priority and will be fast-tracked and receive gov't funding:

 HIGH-GRADE UNDER-GROUND MINING RESOURCE already drilled out = 63 Million Tons = $+17 Billion USD = $275/ton USD


Gold, Silver, Zinc, Copper, Lead

That's like having a 10 Million ozs Gold Deposit at 5g/t drilled out with infrastructure already there, roads, water, power, labour force, supportive Gov't. etc....

This doesn't even contemplate the value of the second land package with La Infanta, Romanera and El Cura.  Billions upon billions in high-grade metal already defined there as well.

The Data is the Data. 

This is a +$300 million Market Cap Developer yet to be understood by the market. Know wonder Eric Sprott jumped on it.


The Data Hound, Doc Jones.

I'm long, don't work for anyone, I give this away for free, do your Due Diligence.  If I'm right you have time to do some research. Review the filings and I've included the 2 other reports below.

Go to Sedar and read the last Q

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Google (set to Spain, use translate to English)

You'll find exactly what I did.

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