2020 Stock Picking Contest

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Many say that 2020 was a year to forget, but not if you were an investor. Almost every sector,  every exchange, and every asset I can think of went up.

Therefore, one would expect that contestants in the #StockPickingContest (where you choose 3 stocks at the beginning of the year and the best average at the end of the year wins) would all perform well. And they did not disappoint! Out of 1,493 contestants, 1,143 of them ended the year in the positive..

2020 Contestant Performance

Recall, the 10% mark is the typical target of a moderately aggressive mutual fund and over 70% of people in the contest outperformed this. In fact, over a quarter of contestants (421 people) doubled their money! This is an absolutely insane statistic. 

Comparing this to previous years, you'll notice 2020 was an outlier year.

Year Over Year Contestant Performance

When people perform well in the markets, they begin to believe they figured it out and they, "understand the way the market operates."  I caution this and use the subtle reminder of 2018 when everyone, myself included, was silent; humbled by reality, recognizing their 'understanding of the markets' was in fact just the previous wind had been pushing their sails.

To put 2020's performance into context, compare the 2020 SPC 


with the 2018 SPC where only 31 of 431 ended the year in the positive


In the 2019 contest, I scored a 157% return and landed 4th place. In 2020, I finished even higher with a 172% return, yet placed only 186th. That just shows how good a year it was for everyone.

Fun fact: out of the 1,033 companies chosen in the contest, two hundred and ninety three of them doubled. And the top 10 companies provided over 900% returns. 

Top 10 Companies in the 2020 Contest
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This may come as a surprise to you but the top 10 performing stocks in 2020 were not the most picked companies in the contest. In fact, 63% of the 1,032 companies chosen in the contest ended with a positive return whereas only 30% of the most picked companies ended positive. Although, for the first time since I started recording this, the Evenprime Short ETF (Where I short the twenty most picked companies chosen in the contest ((for fun))) brought in a negative return as the results ended up positive. I attribute (blame) this to (on) Andrew Pollard and his Blackrock Gold Corp which had an exceptional year and increased 282% as seen below.

Top 20 most chosen companies in the 2020 contest

BRC was the best performing stock out of the top 20 most picked companies and yet it was only the 89th best performing stock in the contest. 

Anyway, moving from stats and onto the results. @Taxslave is out 2020 SPC Winner!

Top 10 performers

And the top 10 Hat Tricks (all three picks are positive)

Top 10 Hat Tricks (all 3 picks positive)

The top 10 performers win a CEO.ca Leather Jacket provided by @robby and the top 50 performers win a Stock Picking Contest Mug. These will be shipped out over the next month and I will private message each person directly.

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