What another fantastic year for investors! Bitcoin and Ethereum continue to deliver results, and all markets disregarding precious metals performed well. Same old story for gold however, as it gave back all its gains from 2020. 

With 2,159 contestants entered in 2021, this was our largest contest to date but the overall performance was dismal with 60% of contestants finishing with a negative portfolio average. I find this interesting considering the numbers shown above. How could markets accomplish so much, and yet 60% of us speculators perform so poorly?

Contestant Performance by Year

Each year, the most picked companies in the contest are always under a microscope. For fun, I decided to show the last 4 years in one image. Companies I found interesting are 

($GGI: 2017 2800% 2018 -61% 2019 -2% 2020 -55% and 2021 -40%)

($RNX: 2018 +270% 2019 name change to $KRR: 2020 +69% 2021 +9%) 

($HIVE: 2017 +800% 2018 down 92% only to become a 10 bagger from then till now) and 

($GBR: 2020 up 93% which then increased an additional 70% as it was bought out by Kinross last month). 

Please share any other interesting plays you see in the comments section

Top 20 Most Picked Company Performance by Year

People sometimes say the numbers are skewed as this is just a contest and people often swing for the fences with their picks. But who invests in the juniors and is not looking for a home run? Regardless of opinion, I think we can all agree that there is enough evidence here to warrant additional due diligence when looking at stocks that already have such a large following. Anyway,

Congratulations, @BeachMaster, you are the 2021 StockPickingContest winner! Beating out 2,158 other contestants. Bragging rights for years to come!

*Full contestant data can be found on my website http://everythingeven.com/2021spc.php

Once again the best performing companies were not the highest picked companies, rather some of the lowest chosen ones. I supposed this is due to the higher statistical chance of there being more low picked companies in the contest, but can this still tell us anything about the herd mentality?

*Full company data can be found on my website http://everythingeven.com/2021pickdata.php (Use the sort function by gain)

Top 25 Gainers

The 2022 contest is now up and this year we have everything in a database. We will soon be providing additional metrics and buttons that people can use to run their own statistics. The goal is to be able to click a contestant, and see a line chart of their performance during the year.  That way you can see your position through the entire year.

Remember, in 2022 you will have a shot at winning $2,500 worth of prizes courtesy of GoldSpot Discoveries Corp. The Top 20 participants will receive CEO.CA Gift Cards redeemable for CEO PRO & the new CEO.CA Store launching in January, 2022.

  • First Place: $1,000
  • Second Place: $500
  • Third Place: $250
  • Fourth Place: $150
  • Fifth Place: $100
  • Sixth Place – Tenth Place: $50
  • Eleventh Place – Twentieth Place: $25

CEO.CA Gift Cards Are Redeemable for CEO PRO and the New CEO Store Launching in January, 2022. CEO.CA Gift Cards do not expire and are redeemable at any time. 

All the best and I wish everyone a prosperous 2022. 

With gratitude


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