Table of Content

  1. Logo
  2. User Profile
  3. Linking Channels  using $  @  #  ~
  4. Uploading an Image
  5. Account Settings
  6. Subscribe to a Company Channel
  7. Searching a Company Channel, Specific Text, or Date
  8. Non-Member Views
  9. Pro-Member Views
  10. Writing an Article
  11. Private Messaging
  12. Conflicts / Reporting Issues / Abuse

1.    The Logo

To quickly get back to the home screen, click the logo. 

2.   User Profile

Once you have claimed  your profile name, all messages you post that are on public channels will also appear under your username. 

Clicking your profile name Middle Right, allows you to edit your profile Top Left

3.   Linking Channels using $ @ # ~

4.   Uploading an Image


Click the folded paper icon in the message bar

Once the file is uploaded, click the Paste link into message button as seen below

5.   Account Settings

Locate the Account Settings icon located on the BOTTOM RIGHT of the screen (you may need to scroll a long way down)

Note: Only PRO Users have the ability to Browse Anonymously

6.   Subscribing to a Company Channel

Find the channel you wish to subscribe to. 

Once inside that channel, click the Subscribe button on the Top Left

Choose a category (default is uncategorized) and click the Add button

7. Search

Searching a Company Ticker: 

Use the Search bar on the Top Right of the screen. Type the Company Ticker and wait for it load.

NOTE: The one in BLACK is often the correct choice

Searching for Vendetta Mining's Ticker

Searching for Specific Text:

First enter the channel you wish to search in, then click the Filters button.

You can search text, usernames, popularity etc.

Searching a Specific Time:

First enter the channel you wish to search in, then choose Archives

Enter the time and date you wish to search around.

8.   Non-Member Views

On the Top Left you can see Shorts History, Company Website links, and Company Specific Insider Activity from SEDI Reports. Also, on the Middle Left, real time news is populated and easily accessible.

Highlighted in the Blue Box, non-Pro members can still view;

  • Shorts History
  • Company SEDI Insider Information
  • 15 minute delayed chart
  • Company Website
  • General Stock Information
  • Recent Company News Release

9.   PRO Members Views

CEO.CA Pro Membership gives you live Level 2 access in both tabulated and graphical form.

  • Graphical and Interactive Live Bids/Asks chart
  • Tabulated Recent Trades
  • Tabulated Market by Price
  • House Positions

10.   Writing Articles

Watch HowTo video here:  FUTURE

Locate the My Articles icon on the Top Right of your screen

Follow the instructions to Create New, or edit Existing Articles

Begin typing and be sure to periodically save your work!

11.   Private Messaging

Watch HowTo video here:    FUTURE

Here are TWO easy ways to Private Message someone.

1) Click on their Color Dot


2) Click on their Username and then choose Private Message on the TOP LEFT corner

Either method will work and you will be prompted with the following screen

  • Send a Direct Message: This will open a secure private chat with that you user. Only you and the user will be able to view the conversation
  • Invite to a Private Channel: This will create a new Private Channel where you can invite multiple users into one private channel

Private Channel Examples include:

  •  CEO Pro member Room
  • The TradingLab owned by @Goldfinger
  • PrivateHotPick  owned by @JamJam
  • PrivateQuant owned by @EvenPrime

Below is a screen shot of Moderation abilities in your own private channels

12.    Conflicts / Reporting Issues / Abuse is a community focused on sharing information in a positive and constructive manner. Please read the CEO.CA House Rules located here:

Report any problems/bugs/fixes etc. to @murat by posting on the Feedback Channel located on the Middle Right of your screen

Flag a post as Irrelevant 

The easiest way to notify a moderator is to flag any post that is irrelevant or discriminatory. Click the message to expand the post and then choose the Moderate button.

Or contact one of the