Compete to be the Stock Contest Champion and a shot at winning $2,500 worth of prizes courtesy of GoldSpot Discoveries Corp. The Top 20 participants will receive CEO.CA Gift Cards redeemable for CEO PRO & the new CEO.CA Store launching in January, 2022.

  • First Place: $1,000
  • Second Place: $500
  • Third Place: $250
  • Fourth Place: $150
  • Fifth Place: $100
  • Sixth Place – Tenth Place: $50
  • Eleventh Place – Twentieth Place: $25

CEO.CA Gift Cards Are Redeemable for CEO PRO and the New CEO Store Launching in January, 2022. CEO.CA Gift Cards do not expire and are redeemable at any time. 

The Yearly StockPickingContest has seen exponential growth since inception back in 2016.  

Number of contestants each year


See what happens when you pick the already Heavily Marketed/Promoted Stocks  (2021 Current Results)
Middle Column is the # of contestants who chose the company

All data is stored on my website and we update the contest weekly.

Anyone on CEO can join, just read the rules below and submit your picks.

*To enter the contest: please read the rules*

Write your picks in a public channel  and make sure you link #StockPickingContest so I can quickly find them like in these examples:

Here are the rules

  1. Pick 3 companies (must all be different)
  2. Must be on one of these Canadian Exchanges (CNSX, Venture, or TSX)
  3. No warrants ( -wt ) or anything like that, if I see them, I'll just choose the regular company shares to make it easy and fair
  4. Minimum price is 5 cents CAD. (If you choose one lower, starting price will be 5 cents)
  5. Must be currently trading on start date Jan 3rd, 2022 (ie not halted)
  6. Deadline to get picks entered is Jan 4rd, 2022 6:29 AM pacific time (just before market open) (Jan 3 is a holiday)
  7. Starting Price will be the price at market open Jan 4th, 2022

Tag #StockPickingContest and do it from a Public channel, as private channels do not copy over and I will not see it

*If the company is bought out or merges etc, I take the final price before the change. I keep it simple. Don't make my life hard!

Contest ends Dec 30, 2022 at market close.

Note: Prices are taken from Yahoo. Sometimes the price will be 1/2 cent different from other sites which can be 10% if you chose a 5 cent stock. I will take what price Yahoo gives me, if you think there is a mistake, notify me asap. Do not wait until the contest is near over - that will be too late.

In the event of a tie [Most positive picks win] if still tied, [multiple each company gain/loss together - whoever is highest wins]

Volume of trading must exceed $100,000 over the course of the year

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Happy Holidays everyone and I'm wishing everyone a wonderful and healthy 2022.

I've been running the contests for 6 years now. It is all in good fun.  I am not affiliated with, I am just a regular member. I did however work for as a moderator in 2017/2018. 


Disclaimer: The Stock Contest is not affiliated with CEO.CA. Winners will be determined at the close of the Stock Contest and contacted for instructions on how to redeem their prizes. Employees, Representatives, Business Partners and Affiliates of the Organizer are not eligible to receive prizes for this contest. The Organizer reserves the right to revise the Contest Period at any time without prior notification. All entries received outside of the Contest Period will be disqualified.