1. TheSummer #StockPickingContest ends September 21st, after market close (last day of summer). 
  2. It is up to you to notify either @mathematics or myself @Evenprime if one of your companies has gone through a stock split, consolidation, name change, or anything else that can affect the price. We manually search for them but it's difficult to catch them all. If you do not notify us, I cannot update them, and someone else may win your prize.
  3. All contest data can be found on my site

What is the StockPickingContest?

At the end of the year, since 2015, users on make their stock pick predictions for the upcoming year. For fun, I began recording and tabulating this information and have been doing it ever since. There are rules, but you basically pick 3 companies on North American exchanges and who ever has the best portfolio (average of the 3 picks) wins. This year, I decided to try out a summer stock contest as well, and this time we have gold and silver prizes. The next contest will begin around December 15th and entries must be submitted before market open in the new year - stay tuned for that article in the upcoming months :)

There are only 13 days left before the Summer StockPickingContest finishes. With 1,445 contestants, 830 of those joined the Bonus Prizes i.e. they provided me their email address so a few companies can disseminate their company news with them, and they have the chance to win prizes.

  1. Highest ranked subscriber wins 1 ounce of GOLD!!!! ($2,500+ CAD value)
  2. 2nd highest ranked wins a 10-ounce silver stacker bar
  3. Next 25 ranked subscribers receive a 1-ounce silver coin. This means if you come in 100th place, you may still win a prize because not everyone ahead of you subscribed!
  4. The top 5 Hat Tricks Subscribers win a 1-ounce silver coin (Hat Tricks = all 3 picks are above zero)

All prizes are purchased from our sponsor, Scottsdale Mint.

10 ounce silver stacker from Scottsdale Mint

Now on to the contest statistics.

I wanted to compare the Summer StockPickingContest that started June 21st, 2020 with the Yearly StockPickingContest that started Jan 1, 2020.

Comparing performance between contests

The summer contest has been running nearly 3 months whereas the yearly contest has run for 9. Its interesting to note the lack of contestants in the center range. This indicates to me people are either hitting home runs or losing money! Additionally, it is very nice to see the number of contestants over 25% in both contests.

At the time of this writing, 51% of the yearly contestants and 52% of the summer contestants have portfolios greater than 25%. This is pretty remarkable and indicative of a bull market.

Oh how we feel so smart during a bull market!

With more than half of the contestants in each contest having portfolios over 25%, I wanted to compare this to the "Most Picked Companies" performance.

Most Picked Companies in the Summer Contest 

Most Picked Companies in the Yearly contest 

Woah, over half of the 1,400+ contestants in each contest are double the average return of these.  Interesting... what do you think this means?

Additional Stuff:

Better late than never! I finally shipped the 2019 StockPickingContest mugs out to everyone. A huge thank you to Eric Coffin over at HRA-Advisory for sponsoring this again.

An update from our sponsors:

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