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Contest rules were to essentially pick 3 Canadian companies.
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Do not worry if you missed out, I will be running a 2021 Summer Contest in June - stay tuned!

Please remember I am a regular guy working a regular job and I do this on the side for fun. And with over 2,000 people joining this time, it took a bit longer to get things set up as we've introduced a sort function.

With that said, I am excited to introduce Mammoth Resources as our first sponsor of 2021. A personal friend brought this one to my attention noting their excellent share structure, low market cap, and the potential of their flagship Tenoriba property, which is located in the heart of the prolific Sierra Madre, in northern Mexico.  Most of you know me by now and know that I am forthcoming and open. I therefore wanted to mention I put my money where my mouth is, and recently purchased 200,000 shares at 11.5 cents cost average and hope to enter their next private placement before they begin drilling.  At the time of this writing, the share price is hovering around the same price I've purchased my shares at, you'd be getting the same opportunity as I have. A value, I believe is important to my readers. 

Ticker Symbol MTH:V

With 2,167 active investors in this Stock Contest, I am hopeful we can get a few new eyes subscribing to their company channel on before they gear up and start their 2021 drill season. This one should be a fun one to watch, and I recommend you at least keep it on your radar.

Well where do I begin? A month and a half into 2021, it appears the markets (excluding gold) have continued where we left off in 2020. 

And the Stock Picking Contestants have equally followed with notable gains such as 1,428 contestants posting greater than 10% returns in as little as 45 days!

YTD statistics of contestant in the 2021SPC

This is great news for everyone and the fact that the StockPickingContest has seen exponential growth since I first started tracking it back in 2016, our numbers are starting to really have some meaning as a collective whole.

Number of Contestants in the SPC 

There are over 1,100 unique companies chosen in the contest. Statistically speaking, in previous years, choosing the top 20 most picked companies is often a recipe for disaster, but so far in 2021 the results are encouraging.

Those wild ups and downs are all part of the norm for us venture capitalist investors. A word of caution is to always remember that you require a 100% gain if you take a 50% loss. And right now, everyone is euphoric as we rake in the dough, but it won't always be like this, and its important to know when to take some off the top. 

To see all Company Statistics in the contest click here: Company Statistics

We have now added a sorting function to our site so it is easier to find your name and position.

Sorting Buttons Added To Site

Final Thoughts:

Although gold producers and explorers are down, contest participants are still making away like bandits, continuing the theme of 2020.  I think most people are investing in covid, marijuana, mushroom,  blockchain, and crypto related companies. Boring old me who is in 1,904th place however, still likes his base metals, silver and gold. Ah heck, and maybe even a little uranium! Will we see a resurgence in these markets? Will the people like me, near last place, end up on top in the coming months? Only time will tell. But I still believe I have a good chance.

Please remember the contest is all for fun and to always be cautious with the information as it is really only for entertainment purposes. The top 50 winners win a Stock Contest Mug and the top 10 will win a leather jacket sponsored by @robby.

I'm wishing you all a wonderful 2021 year, and may our stocks continue to rise!

With gratitude;


Disclosure: The author, @Evenprime owns MTH.V shares at the time of publishing and may choose to buy or sell at any time without notice. @Evenprime has been compensated for marketing services by Mammoth Resources Corp as they are a site sponsor of the #StockPickingContest hosted at


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