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ORLANDO, Fla., April 14, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Allied Copper Corp. (TSX-V: CPR, OTCQB: CPRRF, FSE: S9G) ("Allied Copper" or "Allied") and its lithium-focused division, Volt Lithium Operations Corp. ("Volt" or the "Company"), have recently announced a significant technical breakthrough with their proprietary, next-generation IES-300 Direct Lithium Extraction (DLE) technology.

This development is expected to drive continued improvements in Volt's process and project economics upon commercialization, creating substantial value for stakeholders.

Building on the success of the original IES-200 DLE process, which achieved an impressive 93% lithium recovery from oilfield brines, the innovative IES-300 technology has maintained the high lithium extraction rate while significantly reducing the amount of reagent required to treat oilfield brine. This enhancement has streamlined the extraction process and further reduced operating costs, positioning Volt to enhance project economics.

The IES-300 DLE technology features a two-stage process: firstly, proven equipment and established processes effectively remove up to 99% of contaminants from oilfield brine in preparation for extraction. Importantly, the Company’s equipment used to remove contaminants does not involve chemicals. As Alex Wylie, President of Allied and Founder of Volt, has previously stated, "We’re taking contaminants out, we are not reintroducing new contaminants." Secondly, Volt's proprietary IES-300 technology extracts lithium from the brine, concentrating it into a lithium chloride solution. This solution is ultimately upgraded to lithium hydroxide, an essential raw material for batteries, particularly electric vehicle batteries.

Alex Wylie expressed enthusiasm about the breakthrough, stating, "Volt continues to execute our technically-focused strategy targeting profitable commercial production of lithium from oilfield brine, and be positioned as the first company in North America to achieve this milestone." He added, "With results from our current pilot project anticipated by the end of Q2 2023, we are excited to confirm that our next-generation IES-300 technology can lower operating costs by reducing reagent inputs while maintaining high lithium extraction—all of which are critical to generate the robust economics Volt is targeting."

As Volt progresses through its pilot project in Q2 2023, the Company remains committed to refining its DLE technology with the goal of further reducing costs and increasing lithium recoveries. This ongoing dedication to innovation and the pursuit of excellence positions Allied Copper and Volt as standout players in the rapidly evolving lithium extraction market. Allied Copper and Volt believe that the job is never done and will continue to seek improvements and advancements in their technology.

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Allied (TSX-V: CPR, OTCQB: CPRRF) is a growth-oriented, battery-metals focused exploration company. Allied’s strategy is to acquire and develop low-cost, potentially high-growth battery metals assets that represent key inputs needed to support the global energy transition. Their commitment is to operate efficiently and with transparency across all areas of the business staying sharply focused on creating long-term, sustainable shareholder value.

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