VANCOUVER, CANADA, April 05, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- PaySaxas, the newest entrant of the cross border transaction industry, has announced it has launched global payments, providing exclusive and unique solutions for international trade, including in-house crypto OTC.

PaySaxas - Global Trade Focused Features

The PaySaxas Smart Payments Platform focuses on specific features, that have long been in demand by the global trade industry. Specifically, the service boasts messenger financial services - which involves relationship managers communicating with clients directly, in a messenger of their choice, instead of long queues and support tickets. The emerging trend provides customers immediate and direct access to the decision makers rather than lengthy delays. PaySaxas also provides a much needed payment cancellation window for payment recall, and perhaps more importantly - an in-house crypto OTC service, allowing customers to pay and get paid in crypto, with instant fiat conversion. Equipped with the latest in KYC and AML screening, as well as a stellar team dedicated to global trade, PaySaxas aims to capture a market that has long been thirsty for innovation and speedy payments.

Currencies and Features

Offering accounts in USD, USDT, EUR, JPY, GBP and other leading digital and fiat currencies, PaySaxas becomes one of the first providers on the market to seamlessly serve growing demand for digital and fiat payments with seamless conversion. With low fees and a great correspondent network, the new entrant into the payments scene is storming the market with unique features and services that were never available before. Additional features to be rolled out are still under wraps, however they are promising to innovate the industry making a transactional service into a true partner for their customer, providing much needed safety, security and anti-fraud measures on top of every payment.

Industry Depth and Knowledge

Authorised as MSB in Canada and crypto service provider in Lithuania, it is uniquely positioned to take advantage of both traditional fiat and crypto markets. With multilingual support and a team that understands the pains of global trade, the PaySaxas solution offers customers more payment solutions, and less hassle with daily transactions, leaving them to focus on their revenue and business growth.

About PaySaxas

PaySaxas is not just a payments platform; it's a strategic partner dedicated to transforming users' transactional experience. Stay tuned for upcoming features that will further elevate users' payment processes, providing an unparalleled blend of safety, security, and innovation. Join Paysaxas today and redefine the way users conduct global trade - where convenience meets cutting-edge technology.

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