OTTAWA, April 15, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Canada’s unions stand in solidarity with federal public service workers in their fight for a fair collective agreement.

Their message to Treasury Board and Canada Revenue Agency, is clear - they won’t be taken for granted, they won’t fall further behind and they won’t back down.

These workers deliver the vital services Canadians need; they clean and maintain our coast guard ships, inspect and keep the food we eat safe, and ensure vital EI, CPP and old age security payments reach the people depending on them. These workers are essential to our economy and safeguarding our country.

When the federal government lowers wages for its workers, it impacts all workers from every sector, whether they are public sector workers, private sector workers, unionized or non-unionized – these workers are also taking a hit, seeing their wages being pushed further down.

Workers everywhere are feeling the pinch - the cost of living is hitting highs we haven’t seen in four decades while wages continue to fall further behind.

PSAC members have been without a contract for nearly two years, resulting in people taking on more debt and making difficult choices just to make ends meet.

What federal public service workers want isn’t unreasonable: fair wages, building a more inclusive public service with mandatory training on anti-racism, discrimination and harassment, and remote work and the right to disconnect included into their collective agreements.

We’re urging the federal government to offer these workers the fair deal they deserve.

Canada’s unions are sending a strong signal: a potential strike action from PSAC member would be one of the largest strikes in Canada’s history. We are united and we won’t back down.

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