If there was a relatively new technology that could save money, time, and become more accurate with drill targeting, would you try it? The answer seems like an obvious yes. However, you might be surprised at how slow the mining industry has been to adopt new technologies. Many junior explorers have stubbornly stuck to archaic methods of prospecting with a drill, with little success and at great expense to shareholders.

The average drill hole costs about C$100,000, so removing the risk of drilling with no success is obviously the ideal prospecting situation. Windfall’s artificial intelligence does exactly that. Using magnetic surveying, this technology is able to compute results from assays (Rock samples/Drill holes) faster than any scientist would. With the results they find, the AI then identifies patterns in the Earth to help optimize targeting for drilling moving forward. Mining companies in the industry have already signed on with Windfall, including Ned Goodman, Codelco, Agnico Eagle, De Beers and many junior Companies, Durango Resources and BTU Metals Corp.

Windfall Geotek (TSX-V:WIN) offers a proven and industry-leading in digital exploration leveraging Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies to significantly improve outcomes in the exploration, development, operations and financing of geologically focused projects. Windfall’s business model of software licensing and select equity participation ensures excellent return on investment, in addition to providing Windfall shareholders commensurate participation on validated exploration projects.

Windfall’s system is called CARDS (Computer Aided Resource Detection System). It is essentially a platform used to increase efficiency in area targeting for exploration, used to find patterns that human analysis cannot. Using Open Data around the world, they collaborate with specialist geologists, familiar with the platform, to help validate targets. Prospectivity maps that can be easily integrated in GIS such as ArcGIS, Oasis Montaj, and Mapinfo are then created. And results can be used in different ways. The first, in company marketing when promoting exploration investment. Secondly, when some targets are unclaimed, Windfall will “acquire or sell the project; keep royalties, create options and/or otherwise validate additional adjoining target opportunities.”

With the drilling season in full swing across North America for the next several months, we have seen billions flow into exploration in 2020. When implementing this technology, companies can create savings of 3-5%. With only 1 out of every 3,333 potential mining projects end up exploited (in the last few years), the need to target validation rises. In summary, CARDs is the perfect fit for a mining bull market.

There is mounting evidence that CARDs is effective in identifying highly prospective drill targets. In late 2014, Windfall (formerly Diagnos) identified multiple drill targets on Azimut’s Elmer Project (Patwon Prospect) which later proved to deliver stunning drill results including 102 meters of 3.15 g/t gold, 108.2 meters of 2.84 g/t gold, and 82 meters of 1.93 g/t gold:

This is the link to the report that Diagnos produced on the Patwon Prospect, owned by Azimut Exploration (TSX-V:AZM).

The market has recently taken notice of Windfall’s rapid progress in the last couple of months, and Windfall shares have soared more than 100% since closing a small private placement in mid-June:

WIN.V (Weekly)

The technical setup in Windfall (formerly Albert Mining) is very similar to early 2019, when the shares reached $.25 on extraordinary volume after trading as low as $.03 less than two months earlier.

In my opinion, the upside potential today is actually much greater than it was in early 2019. Here’s why:

  • The mining sector has entered a powerful bull market and companies are drilling for new discoveries at a record pace.
  • Junior exploration companies are cashed up and hungry to optimize their drill targeting.
  • The Red Lake area of northwestern Ontario has become an incredibly hot region for precious metals exploration and Windfall has signed multiple agreements with companies exploring in this prolific mining district – See recent NRs regarding Pacton Gold (TSX-V:PAC) and BTU Metals (TSX-V:BTU).
  • Windfall has reconceptualized its revenue model and now stands to benefit much more from companies who use its AI technology to make new discoveries.
  • Windfall Geotek is exploring a new business model through which it will advance projects where CARDS Artificial Intelligence software platform has identified high-potential targets. This pivot from pure service revenues to service revenues plus asset accumulation is part of a strategic review by the Board to maximize returns for Windfall Geotek investors.

The company’s mission aims to assist and invest with integrity in order to develop a world-class platform to participate in the revitalization of the global mining sector through the application of advanced technologies and strategic investments. This is shown by the $5,000,000+ spent in software development in the last 15 years, in addition to Windfall’s strong, diverse management team.

Windfall’s President Michel Fontaine has worked with artificial intelligence in the mining sector for 15 years, and believes it’s time to utilize AI in the mining sector. Chairman Dinesh Kandachatha (founder of Patriot One Technologies, TSX-V:PAT) is not only seasoned in investment ROI (having raised over $100 million translating into $1 billion in shareholder value), but has 20 years of experience overlooking and acting as a president or director of multiple successful technology companies. Chief Financial Officer Daniel Bélisle has worked in finance for 30 years, in addition to acting as president and CFO in mining companies.

Windfall’s management team continues with more granular roles including Data Modeling Manager Riadh Kobbi with experience in management analysis and Geologist Gregor Heba with 25 years of experience in mineral exploration. Their Business Intelligence Specialist Jihed Chelbi’s expertise lies in data mining and mineral potential prediction, and System Administrator Stéphane Henry has worked with software development for 14 years.

It’s also worth noting the appointment of Nathan Tribble as an independent member of the Company’s Board of Directors (effective July 15, 2020). Tribble is a rising star with 14 years of professional experience in exploration and mining, with a particular focus on gold and base metal exploration and project evaluation. Currently Vice President Exploration at Gatling Exploration Inc, his past roles include Senior Principal Geologist for Sprott Mining, Senior Geologist for Bonterra Resources, Jerritt Canyon Gold, Kerr Mines, Northern Gold, Lake Shore Gold and Vale Inco.

With a product that has the potential to change the mining industry as we know it, it only makes sense to have a management team as dynamic, experienced, and distinct as Windfall has. As they state on their website, “By leveraging our sector understanding and relationships, scientific expertise, financial acumen, technical proficiency and proven ability to attract timely financing, the Company aims to build and deliver shareholder value in this exciting sector.” And that’s exactly what I expect Windfall to do.

Windfall CEO Michel Fontaine is bursting with excitement for what the future holds for Windfall and the market is just beginning to take notice. We have seen ~$10 million market cap companies increase 5x-10x very quickly in the last couple of months, Windfall(WIN-TSXV) could be next.

Disclosure: The author of this article owns WIN.V shares at the time of publishing and may choose to buy or sell at any time without notice.


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