Brien Lundin

Its a Bull Market for Resource Stocks, Especially Gold Stocks.

Great News. IF you take advantage of it. Well, here's a way to do just that, and do some good for people who really need your help at the same time!

I’m talking about the famed New Orleans Investment Conference, produced by my friend and colleague Brien Lundin, publisher of the Gold Newsletter. This will be the 42nd year for the conference. Its always a great conference, educational, insightful and well-organized. But, let's face it, it's even better in a bull market for gold stocks when you can come away with ideas that are actionable and profitable. The conference is known for getting the world's most influential speakers and bringing experts on the gold and resource sectors and well-known political and social commentators together under one roof.

The event has always been designed with attendees in mind. Your reservation comes with a host of added benefits like company sponsored lunches and receptions. You’ll get to spend four days in one of North America’s premier destinations that’s renowned for its four star dining and night life. I've been to New Orleans numerous times and I can tell you first hand that the Crescent City's reputation for great restaurants, fascinating history and non-stop activities is no idle tourist brochure boast. After many visits there are STILL things I haven't seen and done.

As always, the New Orleans Investment Conference features talks by some of the best analysts and newsletter editors in the resource sector (including yours truly) in addition to the speeches on economics, politics and world events. You’ll be attending with hundreds of other successful investors like yourself. Many attendees have told me they think this is one of the best things about the New Orleans conference. The chance to rub shoulders, compare notes and make lifelong friendships with like-minded investors. I’ve met investors at New Orleans that have been going to the show annually for twenty years or more and wouldn’t miss it.

There are far too many speakers and other details to list. If you’re interested you should click on the link below. You’ll get a full description of the event and this year’s speakers. Please click on the following link to get more information.

Just before you do though, a couple of offers from Brien deserve special mention. As an added thank you to me for sending you this invitation Brien is offering to upgrade your registration (and your guest’s if you’re bringing one) to Gold Club status absolutely FREE. That is a $189 savings. Gold Club attendees enjoy a special seating area with all day coffee service, special one on one Q&A sessions with many of the speakers, discounts on conference books and recordings, special reports and a host of other benefits. All yours for free with your registration. In order to claim this benefit simply use the promotional code FREEGOLDCLUB when you register.

One last thing - and this is important. As you probably heard on the news, large parts of Louisiana just suffered from a devastating flood. This wasn't caused by the Mississippi and, in fact, the hardest hit areas aren't even in flood-prone areas. This was a "freak of nature" rainstorm that dumped three feet of water in a matter of hours. Over 150,000 homes were flooded, most in areas totally away from the delta or floodplain where homeowners don't commonly carry flood insurance. It was a horrible disaster that has created an urgent need for aid. In order to help meet this need I'm asking you to use the link below when you register for the New Orleans Investment Conference. Using this link will ensure that 100 percent of your registration fee is donated to the Salvation Army, specifically for Louisiana flood relief. You'll not only be gaining admission to one of the world's premier investment conferences, you'll be doing a very good thing and helping rush immediate help to those in desperate need.

There are plenty of good reasons to register for and attend the New Orleans Investment Conference. Knowing your registration fee -100% of it - will go to help those in need adds another great one. Register Now:

It’s a great conference and a lot of fun. I hope to see you there.

Eric Coffin

Editor, HRA Advisories