Let's help support a natural resources favourite, Visual Capitalist, as they try to raise money to create a beautiful hard cover book on KickStarter.

Copied below is their promo info:

Filled with our best infographics as well as new visuals on investing, tech, and the global economy, this hardcover book will be unlike anything you've seen before!

But there's still one potential snag - and we need your help...

We still haven't hit the funding goal to make the book, and there are just 11 days left.

Pre-Order "Visualizing Change" Now: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1861039958/visualizing-change-a-data-driven-snapshot-of-our-w

In this unique hardcover book, we want to do something that’s never been done before.

We're aiming to take hundreds of pages of infographics, charts, and visualizations, and connect them with one universal theme: what are the fundamental forces shaping the business and investing world?

Six Reasons to Support Our Project

1. It will be Groundbreaking

Not only will “Visualizing Change” capture your imagination with hundreds of pages of our best work to date, but it will also include 40+ pages of new, never-before-seen infographics and 60+ pages of commentary on the forces behind our changing world.

The end result?

A visually stunning book that is unlike any other.

Chapters that are insightful, yet easy to understand. A book that is beautifully artistic, but still focused on the trends shaping our future.

2. It's All or Nothing...

High-quality books are expensive to produce at the best of times, but with hundreds of pages of well-researched infographics, this one will take 1,000+ hours of work.

That’s why we chose to fund it through pre-sales on Kickstarter – a crowdfunding platform.

The built-in challenge to crowdfunding?

If we don’t reach our goal of US$100k, we don’t get any of the money at all. If that happens, the book doesn't get produced.

Help Us Reach Our Target

3. It's Zero-Risk to Pledge

By pre-ordering through Kickstarter, you only get charged if we reach our funding target.

Plus, if you pre-order now, you get access to customization options and extras that won’t be around once this campaign ends on October 31, 2017 at 12pm.

4. Get Something Extra

Because we believe so strongly in this book, we’ve sweetened the deal by giving you the option to get other exclusive Visual Capitalist items as part of the campaign.

These exclusive add-ons include:

Posters of our most popular graphics, like an updated "All the World's Money"

The Creator's Box: only for the biggest infographic fanatics

Two exclusive mini-books that highlight the secrets of how we make infographics

The chance to get a custom infographic on a topic of your choice designed by us

Note: There are limited quantities of some of these add-ons available - and they won't be sold anywhere else after this campaign is over!


5. Customize The Book With Your Logo

Since launching this campaign two weeks ago, we’ve received a mountain of feedback.

The most common request from our readers? They wanted a version of the book that could be customized as a unique gift for their clients or employees.

And so, we are now pleased to offer the book packaged in premium book sleeves that can be customized with your logo or message:

Not only will you capture the imaginations of your clients or employees with a stunning book of infographics, but you'll stay on brand while doing it!

This option is available on 10-pack and 50-pack book orders – and if you need a higher quantity done, feel free to email us.

6. Support Independent Media!

Since 2014, Visual Capitalist has been creating and curating the best visual content on business, tech, investing, and the global economy.

We want to continue pushing the envelope – but we obviously don’t have the same resources as the massive, corporate-owned, international media companies.

Support “Visualizing Change” by pre-ordering, or even simply share the Kickstarter page with a friend - it will help us to continue producing the visuals that inspire you every day!

Deadline to Pre-Order:

Oct 31, 2017 @ 12PM