"Unlike gold, unlike copper, unlike any of these other commodities, where there is a million big companies before you get down to a development stage company, [in uranium] there’s not. There is Cameco and then us."

                                                   Travis McPherson (VP Corp. Dev.) and Leigh Curyer (CEO) of NexGen Energy

Travis McPherson (@travmcph) is the 30-year-old Vice President of Corporate Development at NexGen Energy Ltd.

Hailing from a finance background, Travis built a relationship with NexGen CEO Leigh Curyer and was brought into the company just prior to the discovery of the Arrow project.

NexGen is now valued at close to $1 billion dollars, and Arrow is considered the world’s most valuable uranium deposit.

  • In this far reaching conversation we discuss:
  • What is corporate development & investor relations and what do these jobs actually entail?
  • Why is the structuring of a company and its board of directors critical to its success?
  • What is NexGen Energy, and how is the Arrow deposit a game changer for the uranium space?
  • How does the uranium market work? What are the opportunities and pitfalls the average investor tends to overlook?
  • What does a core sample of uranium equivalent to 60 g/t gold look like?
  • What was one of the best performing industrial metal companies in Canada this year?
  • And much more.

It was an eye-opening conversation and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

Listen to it here