One of the biggest challenges facing resource investors visualizing the scale of an operation, and understanding what all the technical jargon is actually referring to. The single greatest advantage I have as a professional investor is the time I get to spend on sites each month. 

At Resource Insider we've set out to change this with our new web series Unknown Capital where we take investors into the field and behind the scenes of the mining industry.

Our first episode drops 8am EST tomorrow (Friday Oct. 11th), in the meantime check out this teaser:      

Episode #1 sees me travel to the town of Oatman Arizona, where I hear about Wyatt Earp's adventures in the region and the undiscovered motherload from “Gunfighter Mike”. I then head to Northern Vertex’s Moss mine to investigate missing gold production - and how the team at Northern Vertex has solved the problem, unlocking a river of gold…