Why Oil and Natural Gas Should Both Be Stronger To 2020

What happens to oil prices if OPEC does not co-ordinate a cut in oil production? What happens to natural gas prices if Old Man Winter doesn't show up again this year?

Energy strategist Dan Tsubouchi has some ideas for you to consider if these questions are taking up too much mental space in your head.

Tsubouchi, from Stream Asset Financial Management in Calgary, takes a longer term view of what's happening in oil and natural gas markets. In his October presentation to my subscribers at the Vancouver Subscriber Investment Summit (SIS), he gave us some detailed data that makes one thing clear: there will be a lot of opportunity in energy in the coming five years.

One thing I like about Dan's research is that he combs the technical media, and the middle-eastern media--and the technical middle-eastern media to dig up facts and trends I don't find anywhere else. Me and 350 other investors got a private screening of his latest thoughts--and I'm sharing them with you now. He highlights three themes that he thinks are being overlooked in the energy markets.

Now, before you click on the link to Dan's 18 minute presentation, you really are supposed to read the disclaimer below from Stream Asset Financial Management (just like you all do with every investor presentation you see on the web, right?).

First, here is the link to Dan's video: 

Second, here is the disclaimer:

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