The TSX-V is a volatile exchange. I made an overview (visualization) of the great moves up and down. It is interesting to note that the TSX-V is almost always going down between 36% and 39% in "correction phases". In longer "bear markets" the TSX-V is often going down between 74% - 79%.

Bull markets vary a bit more. Most millennials in this business see 2016 as a great year, but the TSX-V was "only" up by 65% compared to 115%, 104%, 126%, 106%, and 246% in earlier bull markets.

Based on my visualization we just had a 37% "correction phase", which purely on this analysis could mean that there is room for a bullish market again.

One more note: If we are actually in another "bull market" since the end of 2018, I think we really need to see a very strong move very soon. If that is not happening within 2 or 3 weeks - I am not convinced it will happen before the end of this year. I am not good at technical analysis though. I am just studying long term charts of markets that seem to be quite predictable and put the historic facts together.