This is a quick summary of the Benoist project - not Cartier Resources' flagship project - but this project will be further explored after Cartier is done with Chimo.

Figure 1: The Benoist claims with Osisko bordering South and West. The red circle shows the area of historical drilling. Also I added 5 of the best (historical) drill interecepts on Benoist to date. The "orange" circles show the high chargeability anomalies and the "light orange" shows the somewhat lower chargeability anomalies or the OreVison Survey. All those circles indicate future drill targets. This image is prepared by myself and based on data on the Cartier website.

Figure 2: This is a zoom in of the future drill targets (plan view). The red circle again shows the area of historical drilling. This image is prepared by myself and based on data on the Cartier website.

Figure 3: Long section Benoist (from Cartier website)

Figure 4: Long section OreVision IP Survey. It shows the Pusticamica deposit based on historical drilling and the new drill targets identified by the OreVision Survey. It is important to note that all available information of the Pusticamica deposit has been used in the Orevision Survey to look for similar structures. There are clear drill targets identified in areas without any historical drilling.

Figure 5: Gold distribution in the Pusticamica gold deposit

Figure 6: Every IP survey can create numerous anomalies turning into drill targets. The real question is how valuable is an IP survey really? Cartier and the Orevision crew used all the known information from historical drilling (incl samples of the mineralization (Cu)) to create a valuable IP survey.  More info in the videos below.

Figure 7: Benoist drill core

I am looking forward to see Cartier move on to this project.

Luc ten Have
August 24, 2019