In a few days, I will embark on a journey that will forever change my life. I will be travelling over 18,000 km to reach my destination in Western Australia and tour the Beta Hunt mine. As I make my way through WA, I will learn about the rich history of mining by going on tours, visiting museums and talking to some of the local miners. I will relay my findings to all who have followed this story in hopes of it reaching people across the globe. Through the use of articles, videos and interviews I hope to add some real value to this story and forever be a part of one of the most exciting gold finds in recent history.

   My adventure begins on February 14th in Toronto, Ontario. At 1:20 am, I board a 15 hour flight to Hong Kong where I will have a 9 hour layover. During my time in Hong Kong I will be sure to indulge in some local cuisine and be sure to bring home a souvenir from my brief stay in Asia. My flight to Perth leaves at 3:05 pm on February 15th and arrives in Perth at 10:40 pm Australia time. From there I will make my way to my Hotel not far from the airport in hopes of getting some rest after my 33 hour trip half way around the world.

   On my first day in Australia, I will make my way to the Perth Mint and Join in on a guided heritage talk and listen to the extraordinary stories about Western Australia's golden history and the Mint's output of priceless gold bars and coins. I will also have the chance to witness a traditional gold pour in the Perth Mint's original melting house. Unfortunately, there are no Bonnington mine tours available while I am in Perth, therefore, I will take the opportunity to go to the ocean and tour around the city. See if I can’t track down the infamous shrimp on the barbie.

On Sunday, I board a train at 7:20 am heading east and 7 hours later I will be in Kalgoorlie. Once I settle in at the hotel, I will head down to The Gold Bar for a bite to eat and to mingle with some locals. Monday, I make my way to the  Kalgoorlie, Super Pit. One of the most popular attractions in the Goldfields, the Super Pit Lookout draws thousands of locals and visitors each year. I hope I get the opportunity to watch a round go off while I am there. The tour is only a few hours so I will fill out my day by hitting up the local museums and local attractions.

Tuesday, I have not planned anything. This is adventure day for me. I am hoping the locals will offer me a suggestion for something fun to do.

Wednesday is going to be a big day. I have booked a chartered flight through Goldfields air services. We will be taking an aerial tour of the Beta Hunt property, Lake Lefroy and the Kalgoorlie Super Pit. Hoping to use the footage to identify the reserve pile of muck on surface and get a better understanding of the lay of the land. In the afternoon I will be going to the Lakewoods Mill to tour the facility and talk with the people who are actually refining the gold coming from Beta Hunt.

Thursday, February 21st… The Beta Hunt tour… Once I have cleared security, I will be given a brief tour of the facility and head straight underground. The tour can be done in about 3 hours but I will do my best to stretch it out. Once the underground tour is over, I will then have an opportunity to visit the core shack and interview some of the geologists on site to help get a better understanding of the structures and the true potential of the deposit. I hope to help everyone get an inside look at exploration so you can all share in my excitement of things to come. I will tour around Kambalda after the site visit is over and head up to the Red Hill lookout. Then make my way into town, try to stir up some bar talk before i cab my way back to Kalgoorlie since I have to head out the next day.

On Friday Morning, I board a train and make my way back to Perth and catch my flight back home. This will be the final leg of my journey but not one I will soon forget.

I will not be releasing the Beta Hunt photo’s right away, aside from a small teaser or two. I want to put it all together as a full package in order to really draw in the audience and break down what we are seeing in the pictures and videos. With news of production and the next round of assays set to be released, I am very much looking forward to the next few weeks. I am very excited to share my experience and can’t wait to show you the tricks up my sleeve. A lot of cool stuff coming, so stay tuned and follow along because you never know when I might jump online and drop a teaser.

Thank you all again!

Mike Coyle