Over the course of the winter, MacDonald Mines did an IP survey over the historic Scadding mine property. Since receiving the results, MacDonald Mines geological team have spent the better part of the last 5 months pouring over the drilling data both past and present and comparing it to what they learned in the IP survey.

In this video, President and Ceo, Quentin Yarie, breaks down a 3D block model of both the chargeability and resistivity signatures of the IP survey on the Scadding mine property and shows how they correlate with both present and historical drilling. Quentin takes it a step further and shows the process of how the geological team took this data and created an index or a predictive model of their own based on both the chargeability and resistivity high points in the IP survey. 

Quentin Yarie is an experienced geophysicist as he was previously the Business Development Officer at Geotech Ltd, a geo-physical airborne survey company. He is also a Qualified persons and a Professional Geologist who has worked on several large projects, one of which was Canadian Malarctic.

Time Stamps

0:01 - Introduction

0:25 - Summary

0:45 - SPJ Gold Project

1:45 - Scadding Gold Mineralization

3:17 - Importance of the IP Survey

4:47 - Drilling Results

5:56 - 3D Block model breakdown of the Chargeability data

7:14 - Chargeability cross referenced with drilling data

11:22 - 3D Block model breakdown of the Resistivity data

12:33 - Resistivity cross referenced with drilling data

14:05 - Interpreting the data and creating a model

17:41 - 3D Block Model of the highest potential targets using a modified metal factor

19:56 - Modified Metal factor referenced with Drilling

21:48 - Observations

22:30 - Conclusion

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