Local Mining legend and leading consultant in the Cobalt Mining Camp, Gino Chitaroni and Executive Chairman of the board, Robert Mackay join us for the first time to discuss all things RJK. Both reining from the Haileybury School of Mines, Both Gino and Rob walk us through the project in its entirety and even drop a few surprises along the way.

RJK Explorations has been focused on finding the source of the Nipissing diamond for the last few years and have had tremendous success given the proximity to the historic Cobalt Mining Camp. However, in compiling all the geological data, they have come to the conclusion that several targets within their land package have the potential to hold Silver and Cobalt. Given that the source of the silver in Cobalt has never been found, RJK plans to spend some time poking around on some very promising geophysical targets.

Time Stamps

0:00 - 0:23 - Introduction

0:24 - 1:05 - Getting to know Leading Consultant in the Cobalt Mining camp, Gino Chitaroni

1:06 - 2:14 - Gino's explains the role he has played for RJK

2:15 - 4:59 - How the RJK Exploration team came together to search for the source of the Nipissing Diamond

5:00 - 8:37 - Tracking down the Nipissing diamond and the research that went into it.

8:38 - 13:31 - How and Why did previous explorers miss what RJK has been so successful in identifying.

13:32 - 16:21 - Charles Fipke analysis of the kimberlites

16:22 - 18:39 - Description of the Kimberlites RJK has been drilling recently and the presence of Olivine Crystals

18:40 - 19:51 - 2021 Drilling Campaign update

19:52 - 23:13 - "We've got Silver, Cobalt and Titanium oxide!"

23:14 - 28:02 - "What do you think Gino? Are we going to find more silver in the Cobalt Mining camp?"

28:03 - 32:29 - Bulk Sampling update and Kimberlite indicator mineral reports

32:30 - 33:30 - "One more little Gem for ya Mike! Eagle Geoscience came to us and said..."

33:31 - 36:35 - The source of the silver in Cobalt has never been found!

36:31 - 37:20 Conclusion

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