Enrico Di Cesare joins us again to talk about his work in the steel industry and what led him to be a part of multiple projects along the North Shore of Quebec. His many years in the steel industry gave him a unique perspective on metallurgical processes that have unlocked several critical elements in the non ferrous industry which only add to the value chain of mining operations. By approaching projects with the mindset of finding solutions via process, partnerships and by products, Enrico is front and center of the development of Quebec's North Shore and the Baie Comeau Mineral Partnership (BCMP).

In this interview Enrico discusses his various roles with NSGI, Baie Comeau Minerals, Fancamp, St-Georges and EVSX and how through strategic partnerships, the Quebec North shore could become a hub for various ferrous and non ferrous metals with a value added feed of fertilizer as a by product. This approach will reduce waste, lower carbon and overall create a synergistic approach that will reduce costs across the board for various mining operations.

Time Stamps.

00:00 - 00:22 Introduction

00:23 - 4:15 - Overview of NSGI Technology/Steel Inc.

4:16 - 7:08 - Development of the electric furnace for the pig iron industry and additional opportunities

7:09 - 12:45 - Baie Comeau Minerals and how it led to advancements in the non ferrous industry

12:46 - 21:13 - Fancamp Exploration (TSX.V: FNC)

21:14 - 25:20 - The recrystalization of the North shore of Quebec

25:21 - 28:19 - The Baie Comeau Mineral Partnership (BCMP)

28:20 - 28:58 - Conclusion

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