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Is everyone else wrong? Or am I just crazy??

I often get this feeling in the junior mining sector! I believe many of my fellow speculators/investors at CEO.CA can relate.  This sector is inherently contrarian. To make the biggest money, we often have to make lonely bets. I like to use the awkward term "contrarian's contrarian", where pretty much all of my "contrarian" peers either think I'm wrong, or even just plain ignore me.

I relish this feeling! And I've felt it hard with Mundoro Capital (MUN on the TSXV) over the past few months. Sometimes it's not as meaningful as I hope it is. But on a few occasions in the past, it HAS worked out in my favor! The goal is to buy a stock on a recent bottom when almost no one else cares. I ALWAYS feel kind of nuts when I do this. If I'm not wrong, does that mean everyone else IS wrong? 

Not exactly. There are various reasons these little junior stocks get ignored over and over again. There are too many of them to follow, literally thousands. People have biases. Sometimes they won't spend a minute on their own research, because a peer they respect tells them it's not worth the time. Sometimes a company had some hiccups in its history. So it gets ignored for that reason too.

My take is that MUN checks A LOT of these boxes for getting ignored. But now, I'm telling you THIS is the time to take a really close look. I made a new video (click the youtube picture at the top, or click here) giving all my reasons. Make sure to check some of the links I mention in the video as well. 

Keep in mind, this became my biggest position in the past month. Maybe you'll still think I'm crazy after watching. Or maybe, just maybe I'll convince you to join me in a small but growing "contrarian's contrarian" herd. =)

Share Price as of the open, April 23rd 2018: 0.12 CAD 

Market Cap at 0.12 CAD Share Price: ~$8.3M CAD

Shares Outstanding: 69,324,025

Fully Diluted Shares Outstanding: 86,445,150 (all warrants priced at 0.20 CAD)

Fully Diluted Market Cap at 0.12 CAD share price: ~$10.4M CAD

Website: http://www.mundoro.com/

*UPDATE May 22nd 2018 - A follow-up video focused on the Timok Magmatic Complex and Serbia, click here or below!

*Another UPDATE - August 7th 2018 - A final video focused on the importance of the new Freeport JV, and exciting Borsko drilling funded by JOGMEC. click here or below!

*DISCLOSURE: MiningBookGuy owns shares in Mundoro Capital (MUN on the TSXV), and much of the information is biased. MiningBookGuy does not have any relationship with the company, and may buy or sell shares at any time in the future. MiningBookGuy is not a registered investment advisor and advises you to do your own due diligence (DYODD) with a licensed investment advisor prior to making any investment decisions. This company is highly speculative and not suitable for all investors. Any errors are mine and mine alone.