Xanadu Mines (XAM on the ASX) is my top pick from all the companies I had 1-on-1s with at the Beaver Creek Precious Metals Summit last month. Every company I met with was high quality, and this one truly stood out.

Share Price as of Oct. 9th 2017: 0.30 AUD (*sidenote - XAM was 0.225 AUD the previous week when the video was first published)

Shares Outstanding: 588,687,267

Options: click here for details. I believe this totals 37,633,334. Most options are related to JORC Resource Definition on the secondary Red Mountain project, which can be seen from a 2014 NR here

Fully Diluted Shares Outstanding: 626,320,601

Market Cap at 0.30 AUD share price: ~$177M AUD

Fully Diluted Market Cap at 0.30 AUD share price: ~$188M AUD

Have you heard of it? Probably not, unless you seek overlooked ASX-listed companies as I do.

Why should you be paying attention now? Because Mongolia is heating up for a variety of reasons. A very good article from Palisade Research last week discusses growing interest in this jurisdiction. While the Palisade article is focused on promoting Kincora Copper (KCC on the TSXV), notice how many other juniors are mentioned, related to copper and/or Mongolia. Also notice that Xanadu is not mentioned once.

The main reasons you should be paying attention to Xanadu are in the video link at the top of this article. But here are some quick bullet points for emphasis:

  • XAM is potentially onto a district-scale, 'tier one' copper/gold discovery at the Kharmagtai Project
  • XAM successfully raised ~$15.4M AUD at 0.20 AUD with NO warrants (a slightly discount at the time), from a variety of institutional investors, including many new North American ones. 
  • XAM is seriously considering a Canadian-Listing, perhaps in 2018. A share consolidation is being considered as well.
  • XAM had incredible newsflow in September, and it's expected to continue in the coming months, fully-focused on the Kharmagtai Project

To my knowledge, no newsletters cover Xanadu. Almost no one has been talking about it online (see my youtube notes for the best links I've been able to find). This is your opportunity to start following this exciting story early, and potentially participate.

*DISCLOSURE: MiningBookGuy owns shares in Xanadu Mines (XAM on the ASX in Australia), and much of the information is biased. MiningBookGuy does not have any relationship with the company, and may buy or sell shares at any time in the future. MiningBookGuy is not a registered investment advisor and advises you to do your own due diligence (DYODD) with a licensed investment advisor prior to making any investment decisions. This company is highly speculative and not suitable for all investors. Any errors are mine and mine alone.