At the 2019 Beaver Creek Precious Metals Summit, resource fund manager Warren Irwin sat down with Bill Powers and Nick Germain ( Bill and Nick queried Warren regarding his investments and where he is seeing the best opportunities now. Warren discussed whether investors should even bother speculating in copper and uranium explorers when the developers of those commodities are currently so undervalued in his opinion. Warren also offered his thoughts on several mining jurisdictions/regions including Argentina, Ecuador and Eastern Europe. Throughout the interview Warren shared numerous resource investing tips and wisdom. This interview is a must-listen for resource investors of all levels of experience.

Warren Irwin’s G-10 Special Situations Fund (US) LP earned the top position in 2016 among the 4,099 hedge funds tracked by BarclayHedge with a 156.32% annual return. Other Rosseau funds also took the second and sixth spots with returns of 155.94% and 128.89% , respectively.

0:05 Introduction

2:22 Cantex Mine Development Corp.

5:49 SolGold and Cornerstone Capital Resources

7:29 NexGen Energy Ltd.

10:42 Will uranium and copper discoveries receive proper valuation in today’s depressed market?

12:20 How much does exchange listing matter?

13:35 Emerging jurisdictions

17:17 Eastern Europe as a mining jurisdiction

20:12 When to buy and sell your mining stocks

23:22 Amazing mining investment opportunities now

25:49 Thoughts on Beaver Creek Precious Metals Summit

27:40 Anything you are shorting now?

29:12 Backing mining superstars…why or why not?

32:17 Thoughts on groups that control several exploration companies

34:55 Final advice

To learn about Warren’s first-hand experience with the Bre-X mining scam of the 90’s listen to our in-depth interview from PDAC 2018:

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