A good map gets more interesting the closer you look. I made a map of key locations for Aton Resources (TSXV:AAN) using google maps that I think you'd like. You can find it here.

I made this map several weeks ago, but added a bunch more to it following the company's recent news and presentation at PDAC. You can really get a sense for the large scale of the Abu Marawat Concession by looking around at everything from Hamama West to the Abu Marawat deposit. You can also get a sense for the detailed sampling program they've been doing at Rodruin.

In the news releases about Rodruin, Aton has been careful to provide detailed information on their results. Between the maps showing locations of all samples with grades and a tables of rock descriptions, there is a good amount of information on the results of the exploration work so far. It's good to see Aton provide all this information, whether anyone appears to be looking or not!

After looking at a map from the release showing all the samples, I started to realize just how successful this program has been. Looking at all the samples at once may be a bit much, but it is much easier to look at one part of the map at a time. Of course, my past interviews with the company on Rodruin may help.

A close reading of Aton's maps from their sampling program at Rodruin will help you understand what they're dealing with. It is a rich area of gold at surface with many hits of +5 g/t Au, which is much higher grade than anything they've seen at Hamama West -- the best comparison for Rodruin they have as another "carbonate-hosted hybrid VMS-epithermal" type deposit.

Rodruin is located in a remote part of their Abu Marawat Concession in the Egyptian desert, but there is evidence of an old Roman road nearby. Road construction is underway and Aton is working hard towards their goal of being ready for drilling in April 2018.

Aton Resources is at their best since I first met them in Q4-2016. It's getting to be 18 months since then and their best discovery occurred recently in Q4-2017 with the discovery of Rodruin. Javier Orduña has mentioned in past interviews that Google Earth was useful in helping them take a closer look at East Eradiya, which ultimately led them to the Rodruin discovery, and I hope this little Google Map showing key target areas can help you discover something about the project for yourself