It's my pleasure to share hour-long, introductory conversation with Mr. Brett Heath, CEO, President, and Director of Metalla Royalty & Streaming Ltd. (TSXV:MTA). Thank you, Brett, for taking an hour to speak with me about a bunch of important and interesting aspects of Metalla. After discussing things in detail with Brett for an hour, I am very impressed.

Listen to the whole interview as below and tell me if you agree!

Metalla has done good work with the Valgold deal closed in Q1-2018, with Osisko working on resource update scheduled or July 2018. A 2013 report estimates annual production of 125Koz Au, which pays a 2% NSR basically 2.5Koz or $3.5M to Metalla per year. There may be a year or two delay before that deal starts paying, but it looks like a great purchase for approximately $4M cash.

The deal that Metalla did with Coeur Mining is also quite impressive, as it secured Coeur as a +19% shareholder of Metalla and gave Metalla a bunch of royalties and streams. These strategic relationships can be very beneficial for everyone involved.

In the interview, I asked Brett if that deal with Coeur happened quickly and he said that Metalla has made great efforts to build long-term relationships with companies like Coeur. A key part of Metalla's business plan is to focus on buying existing royalties for assets operated by majors from 3rd parties for stock. Now, that may sound simple but execution is everything. Metalla is getting it done.

Watch for guidance from the company on 2018 revenues, which will be almost exclusively from 2 active silver streams. Some investors will love Metalla as a pure-play on silver right. I went so far to suggest that Metalla could start holding some of it's working capital as physical bullion once it starts building up enough cash, as that would might appeal to some of the same investors who like the fact that Metalla's 2018 cash flow will be a like pure-play on silver.

There is a ravenous, smart group of investors out there who like the concept and execution of Metalla here and you should watch for excitement here in the future!

Please note that I was not compensated to prepare and distribute this material. This is not investment advice.

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