I spent an hour talking with Brian Robertson on the bus ride back from Jekyll Island and it was one of the best conversations I’ve ever had with an engineer. We didn't talk about MEX, but covered just about everything else I could think of asking about his career as miner. I learned a few things about life and I figured I would get a chance to dig into the MEX story with him at some point. That day is today!

Please enjoy a 30-minute interview with Mr. Brian Robertson recorded today: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1VSJzZBM5qbZIyBHf9UYg13Yps7JATDqj/view?usp=sharing 

The interview is full of interesting information that helps you get a sense for Brian's knowledge and experience. It’s important to have someone like him in the driver's seat for an exploration company.They better watch out – if things keep going like this, then Mexican Gold could be facing a takeover scenario!

If you’d like to read along, then check out the pictures above. We started by discussing the plan map from yesterday’s news release, then referred to a few pics from the slide deck. The cross-sections showing potential for underground or open pit approach were neat – those valleys can make drilling tricky, but can be very helpful when comes to mining. Make sure to study the slide with the rock face covered in oxidized copper and the drill rig that they are using in the field right now to understand just what they’re up to. 

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