With a story like Sokoman Iron Corp. (TSXV:SIC), everyone's an expert. I'm sure not, but I enjoyed chatting with CEO Tim Froude earlier today. He was a quick wit with good stories to tell.

One of my favourite bits was our exchange around the mark 36-minute mark, where I told Tim that I was awful excited about lake sediment sampling in Newfoundland. Tim replied,

"Yes, thank you Peter. That's a slide I'm actually going to introduce into his presentation: the government regional geochemistry for for the Moosehead area. It shows up like a blistering fireball right right on the Moosehead property." Tim Froude, Sokoman Iron Corp.

I learned a lot from talking with Tim and am grateful to hear that he might have beneftted a bit from talking with me. Watch the bit I'm referring to here.

Another thing I heard indirectly from Tim was just how small the minerals exploration business really is. Did you know that Altius has warrants in Sokoman because Callinan Royalties invested in the iron discovery that Sokoman made back in 2012? Since then, Sokoman has done a 10:1 rollback and found ways to keep going. It's inspiring to hear Tim describe how he pushed the company to the edge in 2016 prior to Altius' discovery at Valentine Lake and again in July 2018 when the company had more drilling to do than budget to do it with! Junior mining companies never really have enough money, but Tim's story contains powerful messages about finding a way forward within your means.

Many people wonder how Eric Sprott got interested in Sokoman and Tim had a great story or two there, as follows.

"I was actually speaking with Sean and and Colin. They said, 'would you mind if we pipe Eric Sprott into the call'? Of course, I just about passed out but of course I said yes. Who wouldn't want to talk to the gold master?

One of the things I thought about at Moosehead early on was what other projects are similar? I looked around for awhile and was fortunate a few years ago to be in Australia for a few weeks. I looked at some of the big mines like the Olympic Dam, in particular. I arranged for a field trip on my own at a mine called Fosterville. At the time, it was a struggling operation. No-one knew what treasure lies at depth there at that point in time.

The geology there at Fosterville has a similar age to Moosehead. It's almost identical, in fact, with same age rocks, same sort of structural history, and so on. I got a tour of Fosterville, but I never in my wildest dreams thought I'd ever have my hands on anything remotely similar to what they have there.

Anyway, when Eric asked me about Mooshead I said, 'I think it's a lot like a mine in Australia you might know called Fosterville.' A big laugh came out of the phone and he said, 'Are you kidding?'

I realized who he was, but my mind went numb after we started talking and I'd forgotten that he was Chairman of Kirkland Lake Gold! He still laughed at that when I met with him last week in Toronto. That was wonderful -- a 20-minute meeting that went for an hour. It's exciting and he's so keen..." -- Tim Froude, Sikoman Iron Corp.

What a story! 

It's clear to me that both Eric Sprott and Tim Froude are driven by curiosity and humble, despite all the excitement around them. They've been through big runs before and have a sense for what is coming, which is a lot of hard work!

Watch for more from Sokoman as they move towards further drilling to chase those high-grade gold hits in their first hole on the target at the East Trend from the west side of the North Pond. Dig into the details yourself in this clear technical presentation from Sokoman here:  http://cdn.ceo.ca/1dmgok6-Sokoman+Iron+Presentation+August+1%2C+2018.pdf 

Visit the Sokoman website for more: http://www.sokomaniron.com