"Just a quick update Peter, I think there are a few people out there waiting anxiously for further news," Javier Orduña, Exploration Manager at Aton Resources (TSXV:AAN).  Read on for important information about Aton's ongoing exploration program at Rodruin. 

The latest samples have been a bit delayed in Romania, unfortunately, and I do not think we will be able to release the next tranche of results until the middle of next week now, pending the final assay certificates, but they will be along soon enough. We rushed through the first samples, but now it must be payback time!

We have also had a few mechanical and surveying problems with the rig, so have had suspend the drilling for a short time, but we are now back up and running again. We’ve been using the time while the drilling was stopped to push ahead with some new channel sampling on channels ROC-019 (high onto the Central Buttress), and also ROC-022 between Aladdin’s Hill and channel profile ROC-009, so we are looking forward to receiving the assays back from these too. 

We have also been excavating a new drill pad below the Spiral Pit, and are very happy with what we are seeing there too. Perhaps most encouragingly though is that we have intersected old workings at barely believable depths of 110-115m downhole in the last 2 holes, which is upwards of 80m below ground level in both of these holes. 

 We were astonished that the ancient miners have gone so deep, it certainly wasn’t in the slightest bit obvious from the surface, and we can only assume they were chasing some pretty good stuff! 

 These have to be some of the deepest ancient workings ever encountered in Egypt I would imagine. We don’t know how these holes will assay of course, but we are seeing significant semi-massive pyrite mineralisation in both holes, so we are hopeful they will also be carrying significant gold values too. I look forward to updating you further, as soon as the next batch of assay results are through.  

-- Javier Orduña Exploration Manager, Aton Resources, Hamama Camp, Egypt, 10 October 2018.

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