Peter Bell: Hello,this is Peter Bell and I'm here with Mr. Mike England, CEO and Director of Sky Gold. Hello Mike!

Mike England: Hello Peter. how are you?

Peter Bell: Very good, thank you. Nice to be talking to you. The clone project is one of the assets of Sky Gold. It also has some things in Nevada that interest me. It's my pleasure to be talking to you for the first time. It's September 3rd and there's news out just a few minutes ago.

Peter Bell: Please allow me to read briefly from the news release, which said "the results from the first two holes on the main H Zone are very encouraging and indicate multiple zones of high-grade gold mineralization. We look forward to receiving the remaining assays from the Phase One program which will be crucial in helping us plan and target for our upcoming Phase Two program which we plan to undertake this fall." That's a comment from you, Mr. Mike England, CEO of Sky Gold Corp. Pleasure to have you with us here. What more can you add?

Mike England: We're real excited about these results today. These are the first two holes we did in the H Zone. They really helped get some understanding of what we're looking at there. The four meters of almost four ounces per tonne is just exceptional. The first hole had zero point nine meters of 85 grams. Also good. Its increasing the area of this main zone, which is very important.

Mike England: Hole 6 has been rushed with the lab. That's 0.4 kilometers away. That's really nice-looking core there. We're very hopeful for what the lab is going to say with those results. The drill remains up on site, where hole 6 is located. It can easily be moved back down to the main zone to expand on that one. We are gonna wait till the final results come in and make a quick decision on it.

Peter Bell: For those of us who've seen pictures of snow on the ground in northern BC, how are things?

Mike England: From what I understand, it's okay again. There was a bit of a freak storm that went through in August. We did stop our program at that time, but the guys are optimistic we can get up there in the next 10 days or so and carry on where we left off. Hole six is a different zone that has never been tested before and we are very excited about that, as well.

Peter Bell: Primarily drill testing here with diamond drilling, HQ diameter core going forward?

Mike England: Yes. Following up on last season's geochem results, the IP, and airborne we did last year. It is follow-up to that.

Peter Bell: And there's mention of historical data, as well. How is the work history of this area going back beyond this season?

Mike England: It's been quite focused. That's why we were most excited about hole six as we step away. The work has been quite focused. They've done bulk samples -- a total of 156 tonnes which averaged over three ounces per tonne gold. It's a very rich system. We'd like to expand on that and or find the sources.

Peter Bell: Wonderful. Very good to hear it. Appreciate the reasonable work program. In the same way my phone is ringing, I'm sure yours is too. Anything else you'd mention?

Mike England: Go Golden Triangle, go!

Peter Bell: Thank you. I'll give them your phone number from the news release, as well 1-604-683-3995. Sky Gold on the venture is SKYG. Mike, if you want to give up maybe your email as well please.

Mike England: Yes, thanks. Please email me anytime. It's mike at engcom dot com

Peter Bell: Thank you very much. Pleasure to bring this interview to the public here. My first time doing it conversation with you about this company. I look forward to doing more of them.

Mike England: Thanks very much for taking the time

Sky Gold Corp. is a junior mineral exploration company engaged in acquiring and advancing mineral properties across Canada’s top mining jurisdictions. The Company’s flagship asset is the Clone high-grade gold project located in B.C’s Golden Triangle.

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