Listen in for another in-depth interview with Mr. Robert Carrington, President & CEO of Newrange Gold (TSXV:NRG) on the company's flagship Pamlico property. Although the interview is full of important information for the special few who want it, my main impression is simple: discovery of new underground workings proves helpful in guiding first drill holes to start immediately at gold targets in sediment-hosted area.

Find the full interview here.

And you can find an alternate version without the little music at the start and end here.

The company's understanding of the geology at East Zone is developing quickly as they focus efforts there. Newrange Gold is an effective exploration company, drilling for approximately $30/meter at very fast rates using a track-mounted RC rig -- but will it prove fast enough to get results back before PDAC? We will see!

I made sure to ask Robert about RC versus core holes (again). He said that debate has been raging for a long time and explained why they use RC at Pamlico now. He also described how he would like to use large-diameter core in the future. Keen listeners will hear mention of how the company produced their stratigraphic section using RC drilling rather than core, which is pretty neat.

I also made sure to ask Robert about the apparent drama around residual grades outside high-grade zones in drill holes at the Merritt Area. We are a ways off from having any certainty over whether those grades will be economic, but it is clear to me after talking with him that it is a possibilty.

Listen to the full interview for all kinds of other important pieces of information, like the fact that Robert himself is typically the first person to go down into previously unexplored underground workings. He's surely been kept busy doing that at all the new underground workings the company has been finding across the property!