OUT NOW : State of Mineral Finance 2018: Gaining Momentum

After publishing the last “State of Mineral Finance” report in 2015, it was time for an update. Lots has happened in the mining markets since then.

The Prospectors & Developers Association of Canada, widely known as PDAC, and Oreninc, North Americas leading provider for relevant financing information in the junior mining space, have analyzed the financing dynamics of the mineral exploration and mining industry since 2011. The results are represented in the new “State of Mineral Finance 2018: Gaining Momentum” report.

Investors and market participants became witness of a changing market that finally started picking up momentum again. Driven by low interest rates, US-Dollar depreciation and an upswing in global economy commodity prices have been driven higher.

The now published report discusses the macroeconomic environment and commodity price developments before it dives deeper into the financing and exploration trends.

Please follow this link to the report: https://bit.ly/2JNcaer 

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