Our interview with Andrew Miller is out now. We talked about the increasing demand for Lithium and Nickel over the next decade, and the rise of electric vehicles globally. View our exclusive previews clips below.

Andrew Miller is the Head of Price Assessments at Benchmark Mineral Intelligence. He specializes in first-hand data collection of niche minerals and metals, especially graphite, lithium, cobalt, and fluorspar. Miller’s primary role at Benchmark is price collection for these industries and creating and maintaining indices, including Benchmark’s new Graphite Price Index. Before this, he was an analyst for Industrial Minerals and a Client Services Executive for Invesco Perpetual.

Nickel and lithium demand will only continue to increase over the next 5-10 years - View here.

Andrew Miller gave us his insights on the Lithium market, Nickel, and the rise of EVs - View here.

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