Our interview with Anthony Milewski is out now. We talked about the shifts in battery chemistry for EV's, the demand for class one nickel going forward, and the main narrative behind the previous bull market in nickel. View our exclusive preview clips below.

Mr. Milewski is the Chairman of Cobalt 27. He has spent his career in various aspects of the mining industry, including as a company director, advisor, founder, and investor. In particular, he has been active in the battery metals commodities, including investing in nickel, lithium, and cobalt and actively trading physical cobalt. In 2016, one of the industry’s leading publications, “The Mining Journal,” named him as a Future Mining Leader.

The demand for class one nickel is only just beginning - View here.

Anthony Milewski talks to us about the nickel market, EVs, and new developments for 811 battery technology - View here.

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