We have been following the Blue Sky Uranium story for a few years here at Palisade Radio and we believe that the most recent set of news results tells us that this is a junior that may just be in the right place, at the right time, for a brand new uranium bull market.

Over the last few years we have seen Blue Sky Uranium take some very big strides towards developing and exploring the huge land package that they have in Argentina. 

And while the last few years within the uranium space have left most companies without any cash or without any hope, Blue Sky uranium has moved forward and kept going.

And why have they kept going?

Because they saw that - eventually - a new bull market in uranium had to happen. They saw first hand that Argentina itself had no domestic supply of uranium, despite the growing need and demand for it - not only in Argentina - but worldwide too.

They also saw that when a new uranium bull market begins - and when it starts to take off in full force - they needed to be in a strategic position to take full advantage of it. They needed to position themselves to gain maximum upside for their assets - in a far higher uranium market.

Not only that - but the latest set of news results also confirm that Blue Sky Uranium is not only getting ready for a new bull market in uranium, but in Vanadium too.

For us at Palisade Radio, we believe this is a story that is only just starting to come together, and in plenty of time for much higher uranium and vanadium prices.

Back in May 2018 we interviewed the chairman Joseph Grosso to discuss the reasons why uranium and why Argentina in particular would provide such an attractive speculation for investors interested in the resource space.

When asked about Argentina as a country filled with opportunity, Jospeh told us that ‘this was an opportunity that could not be left alone…Argentina has incredible potential.’

We also discussed how to be a contrarian or more specifically - a successful contrarian - within the resource space and especially within the uranium sector. And it came as no surprise that Joseph told us that a mixture of hard work, patience, and many years in the resource space all contributed to his success.

And because of this, over many years Joseph has developed a sense of where we are within a cycle and how to look for opportunities. He told us that ‘over 25 years i have had the experience of the ups and downs and you develop a muscle for it.’

We encourage readers to view the last few news releases to keep up to date with how Blue Sky Uranium is progressing, and to see how they will be in a position to expand the potential their deposits have today, and over the next few years in both the uranium and vanadium markets.

But for now, as we draw towards the end of 2018, we can perhaps safely say that the uranium spot price has signalled to us that the low 20’s are behind us, and that the bear market in uranium is over too.

2019 may just be the year when Blue Sky Uranium starts to reach a far wider audience and become a bigger part of the Uranium and Vanadium narrative going forward.

As regular viewers already know, there are currently not many uranium or vanadium companies with good assets and excellent management teams to speculate in.

So once the uranium bull market begins in full force over the next few years, it’s inevitable that there will be many companies coming late to the party with assets that have no future potential, or no real economic value whatsoever.

This is inevitable.

But don’t worry - this happens in all bull markets, and it can even help us to signal a top in the market if we pay close enough attention - and if we keep our contrarian hats on.

So we encourage you to listen to a company that seems to have arrived early - with all the pieces coming together just on time.

To listen to our full interview with Blue Sky Uranium from earlier this year - go to Palisade Radio - and for all the latest news, interviews, and information from Palisade Radio sign up here.  

Until next time, happy contrarian investing.

The Palisade team

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