We have been following the Blue Sky Uranium story for a few years here at Palisade Radio and we believe that the recent news from their Amarillo Grande deposit now confirms it as one of the most advanced uranium & vanadium projects in Argentina

And that this perhaps will be a district scale deposit of over 300,000 hectares that is only going to continue to become more low-cost and economic going forward.  

Blue Sky Uranium are also working on a Preliminary Economic Assessment for the deposit and with the recent climb in the uranium and vanadium spot price, this suggests that the future for the deposit looks better and better over the coming years.

Back in May 2018 we interviewed the chairman Joseph Grosso to discuss the reasons why Uranium and Argentina in particular would provide such an attractive speculation for investors interested in the resource space. 

When asked about Argentina as a country filled with opportunity, Jospeh told us that ‘this was an opportunity that could not be left alone…Argentina has incredible potential.’

We also discussed how to be a contrarian and a success within the resource space and particularly within the uranium sector. Over many years Joseph has developed a sense of where we are within a cycle and how to look for opportunities. He told us that ‘over 25 years i have had the experience of the ups and downs and you develop a muscle for it.’

Our interview also focused on the reasons why uranium is needed throughout the world, and the continued demand for it going forward. 

Joseph told us that there is a supply shortage looming in uranium and that the price will rise in 2019.

We are now nearly at the end of 2018, and with the recent price rise within the uranium and vanadium markets, 2019 may just be the year when Blue Sky Uranium starts to for fill its potential. 

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