Our interview with Greg McCoach is out now. We talked about what to look for within a mining speculation, the importance of questioning your investment thesis, and why the majors will have to fight for the best Gold juniors over the coming years. View our exclusive preview clips below.

Greg McCoach is the editor and publisher at the Mining Speculator. He was a founding partner of Precision Graphics, and after selling the company, he began an exhaustive study of history in a search for truth. He became a follower of Austrian economics and the need for a more honest monetary system.  Mr. McCoach sought out opportunities within these sectors and started AmeriGold, a precious metals bullion dealer that has been operating successfully since 1998. Two years later, based on his success in recommending an undervalued silver company to friends and family, he started his newsletter, The Mining Speculator (TMS), during the summer of 2000. He has traveled the world examining junior mining companies. Greg’s years of business experience and extensive personal contacts in the mining industry have provided unique insights that have generated an impressive track record for The Mining Speculator since its inception in 2000. You can find out more about his newsletter at https://discoverynexus.com

Mining speculator Greg McCoach tells us why a slow steady climb is needed for the Gold price - View here.

Greg McCoach talks to us about what to look for in an exploration stock & the risks involved when speculating - View here.

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