Our interview with Jeb Handwerger is out now. We talked about the Gold market, investing lessons, and why Eric Sprott believes in the Gold and Silver junior miners. View our exclusive preview clips below.

Jeb Handwerger is an author, speaker, and founder of Gold Stock Trades. He studied engineering and mathematics at the University of Buffalo and earned a master’s degree at Nova Southeastern University. In 2014, Jeb was the first to highlight the top two performers of the Best OTCQX 50. Handwerger began investing in junior mining equities in the late 90s, avoiding the dot-com crash. In early 2009, in the depths of the credit crisis, Handwerger started the Gold Stock Trades website for investors to become more aware of exciting developments in mining and natural resources. You can subscribe to his newsletter at http://goldstocktrades.com.

Jeb talks to us about Nickel, Gold, investing lessons, and why Eric Sprott believes in the Gold and Silver junior miners - View here.

Jeb talks to us about the Gold market and how to become a better investor within the resource space - View here.

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