Our interview with John Newell is out now. We talked about the beginning of the gold bull market, the technicals behind the recent price action in gold, and what to look for in an exploration stock. View our exclusive preview clips below.

John Newell is Portfolio Manager for Fieldhouse Capital Management. He has 35 years experience in the investment industry acting as an officer, director, portfolio manager and investment advisor with some of the largest investment firms in Canada including Scotia McLeod, CIBC Wood Gundy and Richardson Greenshields (RBC Capital Markets). John Newell joined Fieldhouse Capital Management as Portfolio Manager of the Global Precious Metals Program. Specializing in precious metal equities and commodities, John follows a disciplined proprietary approach incorporating equity research, analytical frameworks, and risk controls to evaluate and select long and short stocks primarily from the Canadian small and mid-cap coverage.

John shares his views on gold, silver, the mining stocks, and the technicals behind the recent price action for gold - View here.

John tells us what he looks for in an exploration stock, and why gold and silver are ready to head much higher over the next few years - View here.

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