Our interview with Justin Smyth is out now. We talked about the recent price action for Gold, how to spot bullish trends, and the approach Justin uses for trading the markets. View our exclusive preview clips below.

Justin Smyth is the editor of www.nextbigtrade.com, and the YouTube channel nextbigttrade. He believes that identifying trends and changes are one of the keys to successful investing. Justin uses charts to identify these patterns. He tries to take a simplified approach to technical analysis, as often it produces the most understandable and actionable results. Justin graduated magna cum laude with a degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering. He has a free stock screening tool on his site based on stage analysis. Also, he has a list of his favorite books on his site.

We talked about trading strategies, how to spot bullish trends, investment books, and the recent price action for Gold - View here.

Justin Smyth talked to us about his trading approach & the potential for Gold - View here.

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