Our interview with Keith Neumeyer is out now. We talked about the early days of building First Majestic Silver, the silver market today, and the potential for silver over the next few years. View our exclusive preview clips below.

Keith Neumeyer is President & CEO of First Majestic Silver Corp. He has worked in the investment community since 1984. He began his career at some Canadian national brokerage firms. Mr. Neumeyer moved on to work with several publically traded companies in the resource and high technology sectors. Keith has been the President and Chief Executive Officer of First Silver Reserve Inc. since June 19, 2006. His roles have included senior management positions and directorships responsible in areas of finance, business development, strategic planning, and corporate restructuring. Mr. Neumeyer was the original and founding President of First Quantum Minerals Ltd. (T-FM). 

Keith Neumeyer talks to us about the silver market and the potential for silver over the next few years - View here.

We caught up with Keith Neumeyer to get an update on the silver market and the potential gains that a silver bull market can provide - View here.

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